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The Oberlin Market is a natural foods grocery, bakery, and eatery.  Our mission is to provide the healthiest and tastiest food available.  We offer a complete grocery selection, including produce, meats, dairy, and bulk beans, grains, nuts, and dried fruit.  Our eatery serves homemade soups, deli salads, and premium beverages, including organic & fair trade coffee and teas, and smoothies.  Our bakery produces artisan breads, as well as muffins, scones and pastries.  Our standards are very high, allowing you to relax and enjoy our little food oasis.

Our Mission

All of our foods are free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and chemical preservatives.

Our produce cooler is stocked with Certified Organic and local, no-spray produce. 

Our fish and meats come from animals that lived in the wild or were raised in healthy farm environments.  We do not sell flesh foods from animals that have been given hormones or antibiotics. 

Our dairy products come from cows raised without the use of rBGH (bovine growth hormone).

Our dairy products and eggs are either Certified Organic or from farms that provide pasture access and do not use antibiotics, hormones, GE foods, or pesticides.

We do not sell products that contain hydrogenated oil.

The food we prepare in our eatery is of the same quality as that sold in the grocery. 

All of our bulk grains and beans are Certified Organic.  All of the wheat flour and oats we use in our bakery are Certified Organic.

All of our baked goodies are less sweet than their conventional commercial counterparts.

We use filtered water in our recipes.  This includes all of our beverages, as well as water for cooking and baking.  

We are committed to supporting local and regional farmers and suppliers who share our vision of producing healthy food, in a sustainable manner.

Thank you for supporting a healthier world with your consumer choices.

Our Quality Standards

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The Oberlin Market
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About The Market

Our building is the old industrial center of Oberlin.  For thirty years it housed the Worcester Dairy – a place where farmers brought milk to be bottled and delivered about town, originally by horse and buggy. Generations later, it is, to me, still the center of town.  I hope it is, or will become, a central place on your map.

                                - Elizabeth Ramsey, owner